In this months blog we are going to take a look at why using a licenced drone operator is a good idea!

Number 4

In most cases licenced drone operators have experience in photography and understand how to correct an image that comes out of the camera. This can be done by applying lenses correction filters that apply to the camera/done the photo has been photographed on and results in giving you a much sharper realistic photo to use within your marketing.

Number 3

Licenced drone operators usually have a higher level of skill set in flying the drone as they have undertaken high level training. This means that they can usually be a lot more creative in obtaining those WOW factor shots for you to use.

Number 2

A licenced drone operator can quickly ascertain what kind of shots will show the property in its best light as they have many hours of operation under their belt which means that they can complete the task more quickly and efficiently.

Number 1:

A drone operator that is licenced through the Civil Aviation Safety Authority or CASA is in a unique position to obtain public liability insurance along with other required drone insurance to ensure that at all times they are covered while operating the drone on your property. In addition CASA approved operators are able to flyer closer to building and people as apposed to unlicensed pilots thus meaning even if they are operating a sub 2.5kg drone they still may not legally be able to get the shot you are after.

So there you have it, our top five tips as to why you should use a CASA approved drone operator. If you would like more information or a list of what pilots are licenced throughout Australia be sure to click here.